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Pebble Beach


Experience is an option.

Curiosity is required.

Sessions require 60 minutes of your time and some portion of your attention.

Those new to the practice of yoga will appreciate the simplicity of movements, those more experienced will appreciate the Jaguar Path's focus on opening meridians, balancing the energy body, and expanding your energy - physical, mental, and spiritual!

Contact Leo at for class information.

Leo and I began working together in January of 2020. At the time I was experiencing terrible back pain and was facing another surgery unless something changed. With Leo I began a program of yoga that has been great from a stretching, exercise perspective but also as powerful energy builder for the other areas of my life. Yoga, in addition to diet and lifestyle changes have me now 45 lbs. lighter, with surgery put off indefinitely and I am better able to enjoy an active retirement!

-- John D.

 I liked the routine very much and appreciated your suggestions and explanations. You added some "Leo humor".

- Marjorie R.

I like the pace and the descriptions you’re using to go from one pose to another.  I feel relaxed, taller even.

- Josh S.

Siento un gran placer al recomendar a Leo como un Gran Maestro de yoga, con gran profesionalismo paciencia y dedicacio.

- Jaime C. (Quito, Ecuador)




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