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Ludo King: A Classic Game with Modern Features - Download Now

How to Play Ludo: Rules, Download, and Tips

Ludo is a classic board game that has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world for centuries. It is a simple yet exciting game that can be played by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to have some fun with your family and friends, or you want to challenge yourself with some strategic thinking, Ludo is the perfect game for you. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about how to play Ludo, including the rules, the setup, the gameplay, the winning strategies, and the best ways to download and play Ludo online.

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What is Ludo?

The origin and history of Ludo

Ludo is derived from an ancient Indian game called Pachisi, which was played by kings and queens in the 6th century. Pachisi means "twenty-five" in Hindi, which is the highest score possible in the game. Pachisi was later adapted by the British in the 19th century and renamed as Ludo, which means "I play" in Latin. Ludo became very popular in Europe and America, and it is still one of the most beloved board games in the world today.

The objective and materials of Ludo

The objective of Ludo is to be the first player to move all four of your pieces from your home base to the center of the board, which is called the home space. You need a Ludo board, a die, and four pieces of the same color for each player to play. The board has four arms, each with three columns of squares. The outer columns are part of the main track, where the pieces move around. The center column is colored with one of the four colors: red, green, blue, or yellow. Each color corresponds to one player's home base and starting square. The board also has a large square in the center, which is the home space.

How to Set Up Ludo

The layout of the board and the pieces

To set up Ludo, each player chooses a color and places their four pieces on their home base. The home base is located on one of the corners of the board, and it has four blank spaces inside a circle. The starting square is adjacent to the home base, and it has a star or an arrow on it. The starting square is also part of the main track, which goes around the board clockwise.

The order of play and the first moves

To determine who goes first, each player rolls the die once. The player with the highest number starts the game. If there is a tie, roll again until someone wins. After that, players take turns clockwise. To move a piece out of your home base onto the starting square, you need to roll a six. If you roll anything else, you cannot move any piece and your turn ends. If you roll a six, you can move a piece to the starting square and roll again for a bonus turn. If you roll another six on your bonus turn, you can either move another piece out or move your existing piece six squares forward on the main track. Then you get another bonus turn. However, if you roll three sixes in a row, it is a dead turn and you lose all your moves.

How to Play Ludo

The basic rules and movements of Ludo

Once Once you have a piece on the starting square, you can move it along the main track according to the number you roll. For example, if you roll a four, you can move your piece four squares forward. You can only move one piece at a time, unless you have more than one piece on the same square. In that case, you can move them together as a block. You cannot move your piece backward or skip any square. You have to follow the main track until you reach the square that has the same color as your piece. This is called the entry square, and it leads to the center column of your color. The center column is also called the home column, and it has six squares that are numbered from one to six. To enter the home column, you need to roll the exact number that matches the entry square. For example, if the entry square is numbered three, you need to roll a three to enter it. Then you can move your piece along the home column until you reach the home space in the center of the board.

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The special cases and exceptions of Ludo

There are some special cases and exceptions that make Ludo more interesting and challenging. Here are some of them:

  • If your piece lands on a square that already has an opponent's piece or block, you can capture it and send it back to its home base. This is called a cut, and it gives you an advantage over your opponent. However, you cannot cut a piece that is on its starting square, its entry square, or its home column.

  • If your piece lands on a square that has a star or an arrow on it, you can take a shortcut and jump to the next star or arrow of the same color. This is called a cross, and it helps you move faster around the board. However, you cannot cross if there is an opponent's piece or block on the next star or arrow.

  • If your piece reaches the home space before all your other pieces, you can use it to help your other pieces move faster. You can do this by rolling the die and adding or subtracting the number from any of your pieces on the board. For example, if you roll a five, you can either move one of your pieces five squares forward or backward. This is called a grace, and it gives you more flexibility and options.

How to Win Ludo

The strategies and tips for Ludo

To win Ludo, you need to be smart and lucky. You need to use your die rolls wisely and plan your moves ahead. You also need to be aware of your opponents' moves and try to block or cut them whenever possible. Here are some strategies and tips for Ludo:

  • Try to get all your pieces out of your home base as soon as possible. This will give you more chances to move and capture.

  • Try to form blocks with your pieces on the main track. This will protect them from being captured and allow them to move together.

  • Try to use the shortcuts and jumps whenever possible. This will help you save time and distance.

  • Try to avoid landing on squares that are near your opponents' entry squares or home columns. This will reduce the risk of being captured or blocked.

  • Try to enter your home column with the exact number that matches the entry square. This will prevent you from wasting any die rolls.

  • Try to use your grace wisely and creatively. This will help you move your pieces faster and more efficiently.

The variations and challenges of Ludo

If you want to make Ludo more fun and exciting, you can try some variations and challenges that change the rules or add some twists to the game. Here are some examples:

  • You can play with two dice instead of one. This will make the game faster and more unpredictable.

  • You can play with different board sizes or shapes. This will make the game more complex and diverse.

  • You can play with different number of players or teams. This will make the game more competitive and cooperative.

  • You can play with different objectives or conditions. For example, you can play until all your pieces reach the home space, or until one player captures all their opponents' pieces, or until one player reaches a certain score.

  • You can play with different penalties or rewards. For example, you can play with forfeits for losing players, or prizes for winning players, or bonuses for achieving certain feats.

How to Download Ludo

The best apps and websites for Ludo

If you want to play Ludo online with other players around the world, or with your friends and family remotely If you want to play Ludo online with other players around the world, or with your friends and family remotely, you can download some of the best apps and websites for Ludo. Here are some of them:




Ludo King is the official Ludo game that has over 900 million downloads and supports voice chat. It is the most popular Ludo game on mobile and desktop platforms.

- Voice chat available- Classic, Master, Quick and Magic modes- Save/Load game option- Real chat with friends and buddies- Play Snake and Ladders on different boards- Private rooms and local rooms

Yalla Ludo is an app with


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