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Crime Partner movie free download 1080p movies

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The best way to check your connection speed is to visit This is an internet speed test run by Netflix and literally checks your download speed against its servers. As such, it should be indicative of the speeds you can expect when streaming Netflix shows and movies.

A Mafia movie is a dramatization of organized groups of criminals whose illicit activities typically operate internationally. The Mafia as we know it today originated in Sicily back in 1860. The Sicilian Mafia or Cosa Nostra came to power after the province unified with Italy. From there, organized crime operations sprouted all over the world. Every film on this list will comply with the following characteristics of Mafia movies.

The comedy-turns-tragedy Mafioso is one of the most subtly influential gangster crime movies ever made. The Mafia began in Sicily, which created a strong cultural divide between the North and the South. The North developed into a commercially global enterprise, while the South embraced traditional roots and a more isolationist view of the world.

Mafia movies fall under the broader category of crime movies. Now it's time to rank the entire crime movie genre. We've got epic films from Quentin Tarantino, Michael Mann, Guy Ritchie, Martin Scorsese, and every other director who has dabbled in crime.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECANNES, France - SpaceWorks GameCo Inc., a division of SpaceWorks Entertainment Inc. (Canada), and PlayG, a division of P&P Multimedia (France) are pleased to announce the signing of Silverbirch Studios, Inc. as the mobile game developer for Ice Planet, a new sci-fi television series and video game enterprise, starring Michael Ironside. Production will begin immediately with a release date to coincide with the broadcast of the first episode of Ice Planet, the television series in October, 2006. "Silverbirch Studios is the leader in Canada's mobile game industry, and their high quality, major brand track record in game development speaks to the top standards we're maintaining across the Ice Planet brand. We are delighted to have Silverbirch on board," said G. Philip Jackson, CEO of SpaceWorks GameCo Inc. The release of the mobile game simultaneously with the premiere of the Ice Planet television series in major markets around the world, represents the first time these two media have converged for a simultaneous product launch. The television series is being distributed by CHUM International. "We are excited to be part of this project and its constantly innovative approaches to serving the audiences of both television and gaming," said Sidonie Herman, President of PlayG. The game will incorporate characters and storylines from the television series allowing for enhanced play to fans of the series. The series will be premiered in Canada on Space: The Imagination Station; in the UK on the Sci-Fi Channel and in the US on GamePlay, an HD satellite channel. The mobile game will be available for download from the Internet as well as from mobile device carriers this Fall. Ice Planet is a Canada France Co-Production produced by SpaceWorks Entertainment Inc., Canada (a D'or, Jackson and Rapovski Company) and Production & Partners Multimedia SAS, France. The producers are G. Philip Jackson, Daniel D'or and Paul Rapovski (Canada) and Sidonie N. Herman (France). Produced in association with CHUM Television. -30-NOTES TO EDITORS:About CHUM International: CHUM International ( is the development and distribution arm of CHUM Limited, one of Canada's leading media companies and content providers. CHUM International distributes CHUM-owned and independent multi-platform programming worldwide and develops international licensing arrangements for CHUM's original channel formats.About SCI FI: Reaching over 3 million people each week, SCI FI features a continuous stream of cinematic hits, British TV premiere series and special events, bringing viewers the best content from the worlds of the fantasy, paranormal and horror programming. SCI FI is a channel service of NBC Universal Global Networks, a division of NBC Universal. About NBC Universal Global Networks: NBC Universal Global Networks operates 11 entertainment television channels throughout Europe and Latin America under four distinctive channel brands: SCI FI (science fiction), 13th Street (action and suspense), Studio Universal (24-hour movies), and Universal Channel (crime and investigation). In addition to these channels, which have become leading pay services in their individual markets, NBC Universal Global Networks recently launched in Germany Das Vierte, the company's first free-TV channel outside the United States. Collectively, these networks reach over 70 million households across 40 countries.About GamePlay HD: GamePlay HD is a high-definition channel dedicated to video gaming, featuring news from the industry, original series and specials and competitions from around the world. Gameplay HD is available as part of the VOOM HD Networks bouquet on satellite platform DISH Network. VOOM provides a platform for viewers who are looking to maximize the power of HD, and in the gaming category Gameplay HD is the leader in this next generation of channelsAbout SpaceWorks Entertainment: SpaceWorks Entertainment Inc. is a Canadian creative studio with depth in international co-production and independent film and television financing. Since 1993, the creative team of Daniel D'or and G. Philip Jackson has been critically and commercially acclaimed for its diverse production and sales track record in television series and feature film production. Market-sensitive originality in content and style is at the core of the SpaceWorks approach. Under the D'or / Jackson leadership, the SpaceWorks team has produced more than 20 feature and series titles. In 2002 they were joined by partner Paul Rapovski, bringing further depth in production and greatly increased capacity in Pacific Rim markets to SpaceWorks.About P&P Multimedia: P&P President Sidonie Herman has 30 years of experience in international production and programming including Head of network programming promotion for 10 years at largest French broadcaster TF1; Head of production company, European Television Centre (350 hours produced in 2 years); Head of video services group V.O.I.R./Group Captain Video - studios, special effects, 3D and high definition systems; Head of International co-production and financing for Carat Espace a major European media broker.About Silverbirch Studios: Canada's only publicly-traded mobile game developer, Silverbirch Studios was founded by Kevin Birch, who currently serves as its president. After releasing the hugely successful Warner Brothers movie-to-game Constantine, the team at Silverbirch has just completed production on the much-anticipated Superman mobile game.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Mark Terry Director of Marketing & Publicity, SpaceWorks Entertainment Inc. and Brand Manager, Ice Planet Tel: 416-465-5855 ext. 223 Email:


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