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MATLAB 2018 Download: Explore New Features and Capabilities for Math, Programming, and Deep Learning

As of R2018a, you can generate the Code Compatibility Report from the Current Folder browser. Previously, you generated the report using the codeCompatibilityReport function only. For more information, see MATLAB Code Compatibility Report.

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Starting in R2018a, if you represent a duration as text, you can add and subtract it from a datetime array, and the result is a datetime array. In both operations, text in timer format is converted to a duration value. For example, this code adds 1 hour and 30 minutes to the current date and time.

Starting in R2018a, timetable subscripting uses a tolerance to match subscripts to row times. Therefore, one subscript might match two or more distinct row times in a timetable when those row times differ only by a small amount. Previously in R2016b through R2017b, you could access data in a timetable using a datetime or duration array as the row subscript, but subscripting required an exact match between a time in the subscripts and a row time of the timetable.

The labels, check boxes, and radio buttons in apps created in previous releases might look different when you open or run them in R2018a.You might need to change the vertical alignment, or adjust the height and location of those components to maintain a consistent appearance.

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The .mlapp file format changed in R2018a. Apps created or modified in App Designer return an error when you try to open them in previous releases. To modify an app across multiple releases, select Save > Save Copy As in the R2018a App Designer toolstrip. Then select the appropriate MATLAB release from the Save as type drop-down list. Alternatively, make a backup copy of the app before opening the app in R2018a.

To test if a value points to an existing folder, use verifyThat, assertThat, assumeThat, or fatalAssertThat with the IsFolder constraint. For more information, see matlab.unittest.constraints.IsFolder.

To select and run test elements that have a specified superclass, use the 'Superclass' name-value pair with the runtests, runperf, and testsuite functions or the matlab.unittest.TestSuite suite creation methods.

To direct text output from plugins to a unique file, use the matlab.unittest.plugins.ToUniqueFile output stream. This output stream is useful for running tests in parallel while redirecting output to a file, since it uses a unique file name for each instance of the output stream. The ToUniqueFile output stream is different from the ToFile output stream, which overwrites the file. For more information, see matlab.unittest.plugins.ToUniqueFile.

In addition to supporting strings and character arrays, the StringComparator constraint now supports cell arrays of character arrays. For more information, see matlab.unittest.constraints.StringComparator.

Update any tests that rely on the StringComparator constraint not being satisfied by equal cell arrays of character arrays. If the cell arrays of character arrays are equal, the comparator is satisfied. In previous versions of MATLAB, the comparator was not satisfied for any values that were cell arrays of character arrays. For example, the following test passes in MATLAB R2018a and later. In earlier versions of MATLAB, the test fails because the comparator did not support cell arrays of character arrays.

As of R2018a, the ObjectComparator is satisfied if isequaln returns true. However, if the class of the expected value defines an isequal method, whether visible or hidden, but not an isequaln method, the ObjectComparator uses the isequal method for comparison. In previous releases, ObjectComparator used isequal to compare all objects unless the class of the expected value defined a visible isequaln method.

The IsEqualTo constraint and the assertEqual, assumeEqual, fatalAssertEqual, and verifyEqual qualification methods leverage ObjectComparator and, therefore, inherit the same change in behavior. For more information, see matlab.unittest.constraints.ObjectComparator.

When you create a mock object for a class, you can specify default values for properties that are implemented by the class. To specify default property values, use the DefaultPropertyValues name-value pair argument with the createMock method. For more information, see matlab.mock.TestCase.createMock.

To obtain a history of recorded interactions for a mock object, use either the matlab.mock.TestCase.getMockHistory method or the matlab.mock.InteractionHistory.forMock method. When you call certain publicly visible methods or access or modify certain publicly visible properties on a mocked class, the mocking framework records the interaction. For more information, see matlab.mock.TestCase.getMockHistory or matlab.mock.InteractionHistory.forMock.

To act on or display streamed data while it is being received, use the class. To obtain or generate the data at the same time it is being sent, use the class. Using this class avoids the need to have all the data in memory before the start of a message,.

In releases prior to MATLAB Version 9.4 (R2018a), when a class overloaded subsref and numArgumentsFromSubscript and a user called an indexed expression of the form object.method(), MATLAB called subsref with 0 outputs without calling numArgumentsFromSubscript.

With MATLAB Version 9.4 (R2018a), when a method is called through a dot-indexing expression on the right-hand side, the built-in numArgumentsFromSubscript returns 0. Because of this change, MATLAB calls subsref with zero outputs in both the object.method() and object.method cases.

With the release of MATLAB Version 9.4 (R2018a), the matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState class supports special concatenation behavior to enable the formation of text expressions by concatenating enumeration members with character vectors or strings. For more information, see matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState.

In releases prior to MATLAB Version 9.4 (R2018a), arrays containing matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState enumeration members and character vector or string elements required that all array elements be convertible to enumeration members (that is, on, off, true, false, 1, or 0). The resulting array was of type matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState. With the release of MATLAB Version 9.4 (R2018a), concatenation rules enable concatenation with character vectors or strings that do not map to enumeration members. For more information, see Concatenation Rules for OnOffSwitchState.

With release R2018a, C++ Engine applications can call the matlab::engine::MATLABEngine getProperty, getPropertyAsync, setProperty, and setPropertyAsync member functions with object array inputs and pass an array index to access scalar objects within the array. In previous releases, C++ Engine applications could access object properties only from scalar object variables. For more information, see Pass Variables from MATLAB to C++.

As of MATLAB Version 9.4 (R2018a), MATLAB uses an interleaved storage representation of complex numbers. The term Interleaved complex refers to this representation, where the real and imaginary parts are stored together. For more information, see MATLAB Support for Interleaved Complex API in C MEX Functions.

When you create System objects in R2018a, by default, users of that System object can change characteristics of inputs, discrete states, tunable properties from call to call. New and updated methods allow you to restrict these characteristics:

Rework code that relies on properties or methods specific to matlab.unittest.diagnostic.ConstraintDiagnostic instances returned from the getDiagnosticFor method of matlab.unittest.constraints classes.

In a future release, diagnostics returned from constraint and tolerance classes in the matlab.unittest.constraints package will be subclasses of matlab.unittest.diagnostics.Diagnostic and might not be instances of matlab.unittest.diagnostic.ConstraintDiagnostic.

In 2018, financial institutions face significant demands to generate a multitude of models for managing risk and generating returns across diverse activities and markets. Furthermore, internal reviewers and external regulators are scrutinizing the associated model governance and management processes ever more closely. In this context, overall time to implementation has become a point of competitive advantage.

MATLAB R2018a for Mac is a very handy application which can be used for mathematical computation and visualization. It provides you a flexible environment for technical computing and programming. You can also download Tecplot Focus 2017.

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Click here to download the latest EEGLAB version for Matlab (if you are using Matlab 2016a or older, download EEGLAB v2020.0 instead). As of 2019, all new versions are also compiled for Windows, Mac (see below). EEGLAB is released twice a year and the version name is based on the year. EEGLAB older versions are available here. Revision details are available on the EEGLAB wiki. If you have a version of Matlab older than 2014, download EEGLAB version 4.5b here.

Using the development head requires a special software called Git available for free on the Internet. Using the development head is useful to benefit from the latest bug fixes and update your version of EEGLAB daily. Detailed steps to download the EEGLAB development head are available on the EEGLAB wiki.

EEGLAB compiled version for Windows (zip), Mac (zip) and Linux Ubuntu (zip) and does not require Matlab. Note that as of 2020, we are no more compiling for Ubuntu (less 400 download/year). If you have access to Matlab though, we recommend the versions above. The link to ip files correspond to the latest compiled versions. For older compiled version, including a version compatible for 32-bit Windows system (EEGLAB version 7), refer to this compiled folder. Instructions on how to install the EEGLAB compiled version are available on the EEGLAB wiki. EEGLAB What is EEGLAB? Requirements Download Documentation - Wiki Workshops - Wiki Tutorial - Wiki EEGLAB News EEGLAB Workshop The 31st EEGLAB Workshop was held from November 29 to December 3 in a virtual conference center on Gather.Town.


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